G34 keeps dropping internet

  • 17 September 2023
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I have a G34 and Cox internet. My internet drops multiple times a day. Any known fixes? I have reset multiple times.

3 replies

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Hello McKee0505

                              Is your internet dropping on WIFI or on direct connection? If  this is on WIFI please check is this on 2.4 or 5G network?

                              When the slow speed is on WIFI you can try changing WIFI channel which will improve WIFI connectivity and speed. If other Wi-Fi sources such as neighboring wireless access points are using the same wireless channel, this may causes slow speed and  intermittent connectivity issues, even if the competing signal is relatively weak. Changing the wireless channel within the  gateway can improve connectivity.

                             Please follow the steps mentioned on below link to change WIFI channel


                            If this is also on direct connection we need to check the cable signal level of the modem which is on the modem interface.




It is on direct connection as well as wifi.

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If you are experiencing intermittent internet through a direction connection, I suggest you check the cable signal levels to sure that the signals are in range.

To check the same, find the link given below: