G34 - No internet connection and internet drops on DHCP

  • 14 March 2024
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My ipv6 constantly attempts to provision DHCPv6. Each attempt displays as a critical failure in the event log (see an extract below). Eventually the modem then drops all connections to DHCP including v4 and no devices can connect to the internet. My ISP says there are no problems on their end and the modem looks good from their side. The error messages in the event log are below. I get a pair of messages like this every minute or two:

ti_dhcp6c: 72001009-DHCPv6 - No Advertise or Reply Received 558 times 
    03/13/2024 16:25:21    Critical 

ti_dhcp6c: 72001004-DHCPv6 Provision - 77 Retries Attempted with Last attempt at Wed Mar 13 22:23:24 2024 
    03/13/2024 16:25:21    Critical 

How do I get this to stop so the modem will work?


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The logs are Values read by technicians from the internet provider end, since the logs are what the coaxial cable transmits and the log screen on the router is the translator so can be easily read by them, the coaxial cable is owned by the Internet service provider, I wouldn't be able to tell you what that means.

If your Event Log is reporting a high volume of errors, this would indicate a potential CMTS signal issue. To troubleshoot these errors, we would like to note the current signal levels being used by your (G34).

But for the connection dropping on DHCP can be corrected by configuring DHCP setup on the modem GUI. So you can give it a try and monitor the connection for 24hrs.

Once logged in to the modem GUI 

Select Gateway > Connection > Local IP Network > IPv4 > DHCP Lease Time > check on the drop down and select Forever option > click Save settings.

You can repeat the same steps for IPV6 as well and check the connection.



I changed the DHCP lease time 24 hours ago already, and it seems to have helped. I made the lease time 24 hours and I have only had one loss of connection in the last 24 hours. So that seems to help.


The signal strengths are in the picture below.



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As we checked the cable signal levels, power level for the upstream bonded channels is not in a range.

Acceptable power level for the upstream channels is 45dbmv to 53dbmv.

I suggest you to contact internet service provider to adjust the cable signals within a range..