G36 shuts off inactive Ethernet Ports

  • 8 March 2023
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I have recently upgraded an 8 year old cable modem to an Arris G36.  This has resulted in greatly increased download speeds which is great.  But I have an issue I can’t resolve.  I have many wired Ethernet devices on my home network.  When these devices have been inactive for some time, maybe a few hours or overnight, they report as no longer connected to the Internet.

It’s like the G36 has shut down those ports to save power.  If I unplug then re-plug in the Ethernet cable, the connection is properly restored.  But this isn’t a long term solution.

Is there a setting somewhere to leave the Ethernet ports always on?

Thank you,
Alan Rovner
Vancouver, Wash.


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Hello Alan Rovner

                               If the direct connection on G36 have intermittent connection issue you can try using different ethernet cable, perform hard reset on the modem for 30secs without coax cable then monitor connection for next 24hrs and if the lights on the modem flashes or intermittent you to check the signal level on the modem to isolate what causing this issue. You can check the steps on the link below for perform factory reset on the modem and checking cable signal level. But after resetting the modem will go to default setup any custom settings will be removed so use the default network name and password to connect to your network.



Let us know if this helps.


I have an answer to this issue, although I don’t quite understand why.  I have 2 Wifi devices that are not compatible with the G36.  One is an old tablet, maybe 7-8 years old.  It works erratically with the G36 with numerous dropouts.  I have a new tablet that works perfectly.  I have an old Wifi dongle that exhibits the same erratic behavior.  I changed that PC to a wired Ethernet connection.

In my living room I have an old Gigabit switch.  It also seems to be incompatible with the G36.  The devices connected to the switch report no Internet connection after a period of inactivity.  I replaced the switch with a new one, and the problem went away.

I never had these issues with my old Motorola cable mode, so who knows.  Anyway at least for now things are working and I do like the faster speed the G36 has.

Alan Rovner