Our G34 Keeps dropping sevice for our home.

  • 14 September 2023
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For the last two months our internet will randomly drop service and not come back unless we do a physical reset of the modem router. The longer this problem has been happening the more often we have to reset the router and hope our internet comes back. This is a huge inconvenience since both myself and my spouse work from home and rely on our internet connection to do our jobs. Help please. 


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3 replies

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Hello Cbroos

                      »  Is this happening on wifi only or even with direct connection?

                      »  Or is this on particular network or both 2.4 and 5G as well?



It is happening on both wifi and direct connection, and both networks 2.4 and 5G

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Since you are experiencing intermittent internet connection with both wired and wireless connections, I suggest you check the cable signals to make sure all are in range.

To check the cable signals, find the link given below:

Also change the Wi-Fi channels, if all the signals are in range.

To change the Wi-Fi channels, follow the steps in the given link: