unable to connect Wi-Fi on some device on G34


I recently installed an Arris Surfboard G34...I created a network name and password, but some of my devices are not pulling it up.  Any advice?


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Hi, my new G34 is in the same boat as shared by this person above. I too would like to know if a working solutdion is available. thank you., Ray Willingham.


Hi Ray… after a lengthy call with support, it winds up that some devices cannot handle  a 5g network, they need to connect on the 2.4g network.  I changed the name of the network the router came with to my (5g network) name with 24 at the end.  So 2 networks, a 2.4 and a 5.  My Ting and thermostat connected through the 2.4g network. Hope this helps!!