Wi-Fi networks disappeared on G34

  • 26 April 2024
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I have A G34 network and all of a sudden our wifi network disappears, login to the G34 and all you can see is LAN connections, all of the wifi settings are gone and nobody has reset the G34 and Arris Support blamed it on an ISP update but I’m still checking that out.  Will keep you updated when I hear from Spectrum.


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3 replies

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Could you please confirm whether the Wi-Fi name disappears or the Wi-Fi name goes to the default settings?

If the Wi-Fi name disappears you can try connecting any device to the modem directly to access modem GUI and change Wi-Fi channel

Also check whether the speed plan has been upgraded or any updates done by ISP?




The G34 deleted the wireless network we setup, leaving no evidence that our wifi  network, that was used for over 6 months, had ever existed and really not much clarification as to a root cause.  Now the G34 did return to the default settings but until a new wifi network was recreated, nobody had wireless access.  It's hard to believe that you can totally wipe a wifi network on the G34 without one log file, tmp file or transaction log file capturing the history of what took place.

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I suggest connecting the modem with different power outlet.

Also, check modem whether any damage on the reset button.

If you tried above mentioned steps, I suggest visiting for further assistance.