Good to unplug router/modem when not in use?

  • 20 June 2022
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I have a Panoramic Wifi Gateway (Model: TG1682G).

I’m wondering if it will damage the router if I unplug it regularly, when I go to work during the day and perhaps at night as well, to save electricity.

Also, perhaps someone knows whether the process of booting up the router is very energy-intensive---perhaps to the point that it doesn’t make sense to unplug the router to save electricity.



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When there isn’t live traffic being processed by the router, the router energy consumption is limited with occasional short burst of traffic to check network status and other maintenance activities.  On the other hand, every time the router boots up it goes thru the exercise of enabling every single feature available, loading them into memory, running MB size of code, and typically lasts for about 2 mins from start to finish.  During this time the router consumes considerably more energy than during the idle status.

I wouldn’t turn off my router every time I leave home for work.  Just the hassle of turning it on and off is not worth my time.  If I’m leaving home for an extended period of time that may be a different story.  

Thanks a lot, JDub. That’s helpful.