Slow wifi download speeds for W121 max mesh systems

  • 4 August 2023
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I have fidium fiber 1gb download/upload speed, but the wifi download speed is only around 350mbs compared to 800mbs upload speed. Why is the wifi download speed so slow? How do I fix the slow download speed? I tried the ethernet connection and it shows 900mbs download and upload. The slow wifi download speed is tested on multiple speed tests websites (e.g. consolidated communications, xfinity, ookla, etc.). 


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To check the speed level of the W21 SURFboard mAX® Mesh Wi-Fi, first, we need to connect the modem directly to a computer and check the speed levels by running a” speed “ and check the speed is in the acceptable range.

If it is in the acceptable range, then click the below link to check on the slow speed of the W21


If not in the acceptable range, it's recommended to check the cable signal levels are within the range by contacting the manufacturer of the modem.