How to wire and configure wired backhaul satellite

  • 30 October 2022
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I would like to try ethernet wiring my AX600 satellite. What port do I use on the satellite device and do I need to set it up or will it realize that it is in ethernet?  If I need to set it up, how?  I tried plugging it in to an ethernet cable and it seems to stay on the wireless backhaul.  How do I check the backhaul connection?


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3 replies

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On my W31 (when I was using it), I simply hardwired it in and waited and it and the hardwired backhaul automatically switched. Not sure on that specific device.

Maybe @SURFboard_Moderator would know

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Hello bprazen


What Plemans said is accurate, let us know if you still face issues with this. 

nothing is worse than when a technology company has garbage software combined with the hubris that its users couldnt possibly know how to configure the equipment.  If I knew the ecosystem had so little control or even useful feedback, i would have never spent my money.


anyway, how does one disable the wireless backhaul so the garbage app doesnt report that the backhaul is low over a wired gigabit connection?  Just plug it in is not a satisfactory answer