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  • 23 February 2023
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Anyone care to recommend appropriate Arris router to deliver high speed wifi in my house? I have Spectrum 500 mbps service and Spectrum-provided modem so looking for router only. Disappointed with another vendor’s router that when connected to the Spectrum modem delivered only 100 mbps wifi. Looking for Arris product that will deliver 300-500 mbps wifi with capacity to support faster speeds if I upgrade my Spectrum service in the future. Support for telephones not needed.

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4 replies

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What size is the home and what is it made from? 

Plus what’s your budget?

Reason I ask is its hard to recommend without knowing if you need a single router solution or if a mesh system is better. Plus its easy to recommend a flagship router but if you’re budget isn’t to that point, then its a bit pointless. 

I’m a fan of over planning when it comes to networking but thats because it keeps the family from complaining about slow speeds/interruptions. 


Further to the above, home is a 2-story woodframe at approx 2K square feet. Modem and current router are on 2nd floor directly above the 1st floor home office. I’m not convinced I need a mesh system as wifi performance was pretty good when I was using Spectrum’s provided router. I’m trying to get away from renting their router but the Netgear AC1200 and TP-Link DECO W2400 Mesh routers (2 units) I’ve tried seperately delivered only ~ 95 mbps. (I’m paying Spectrum for 500 mbps service).  My budget would be under $200.

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The Deco W2400 only has 10/100mbps ethernet ports. Same with the majority of netgears AC1200 devices. Neither have gigabit capability so thats why you’re maxing out at 95mbps. 

Arris does make a few just router only devices but a lot of them have the option of “mesh”. 

If it was me? I’d take a look at the W31 on amazon from arris. Its gigabit, mesh capable, triband, and is a pretty solid device (I’ve used one). Its strictly managed through an app though which is the main thing I don’t like about it. But its fast and easy to use. And both the new device and renewed come in under your budget. 


Thanks @plemans ! I appreciate your guidance.