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  • 15 September 2023
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I need to add more than 3 satellites to my system.     
however, the app won’t let me do that.    Is there a way to work around this?

current system consists of a modem (sb8200) wired to w31.  This is then wired to a w30 and this is then wired to another w30.    By “wired”, I mean connected via Ethernet.     The distance is rather long between the satellites and my home is old with lots of interference in the walls.     I have a 4th satellite that I want to add but can’t figure out how.    

what about upgrading the modem to a wifi capable one and then moving the satellite that is currently connected to it, to a different location?    I still think I will need 4 satellites…

any thoughts?




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I’m not familiar with the W31 but after reviewing the specs it appears you are going to have a challenge doing what you want. It looks like only 2 satellites are supported and they must be wired directly to the primary. So, the max capability is 3 units and no “daisy chaining”.


Some other folks support daisy chaining, but hub and spoke is usually a little superior. In my case, I use Google, and place a set of D-link unmanaged switches after the router designated as primary. My 4 satellites are using ethenet backhaul to the switches. It sounds like you and I have similar challenges to overcome.  I’m running 5 units due to challenges with concrete and steel in certain locations.

You’ll probably have to go through the Arris product catalog and see if they have a different primary that enables what you want. I would keep the modem and primary router as separate units. If I had to replace my system today, I’d use the Google Nest WiFi Pro units, but that’s just me.,successfully%20over%20Wi%2DFi%20connection.