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  • 8 December 2023
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OK - I have a very old house with wire mesh and plaster. It’s effectively a giant Faraday cage. This being the case, I set up two separate mesh systems (W33), using different email addresses. Naturally they must be child networks managed by an upstream router. Once I log out of one system, I can no longer log back in, even if I am connected to the proper Wi-Fi system. I get the message “ If you have already installed the mAX router, please connect your mobile device to the local Wi-Fi network.”  Error Code 0015-1805. I am not asked for a userID or password. There is nothing to be done. The “Try Again” function just cycles the same message and error.  Any advice?



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3 replies

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  • 0015-1805 - Something went wrong.  Solution: If you have already installed the mAX Router, please connect the mobile device to the home Wi-Fi network. Click "Retry" to reconnect to the mAX Router.  If a factory reset is performed on the mAX Router, then click "Continue Onboarding" to reinstall the mAX Router.

Even after trying the above trouble shooting step if same issue persist please try resetting the modem and router then make sure the modem is giving internet to the router or not by using direct connection an then proceed with the setup



This is exactly the response I would expect from Arris customer support, basically useless advice. Of course, all the recommended solutions have been tried and of course they do not work.

The basic problem remains. The Arris Surboard app is woefully inadequate, and in particular has no possibility of recovery or workaround when it encounters any sort of problem. One needs only to look at the reviews, for instance, on the Apple app store to see what average users think of this app. In short, it’s dreadful

What is needed -and I have said this repeatedly to customer support agents on the phone- is a web based app. Additionally an app that allows ongoing Bluetooth communication with the touter would be so welcome.

The hardware is great. The software among the worst I have ever encountered. DO SOMETHING!!!

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Since you mentioned that two separate mesh system is connected, Let us know whether two mesh system is connected with two different modem or one mesh system is connected as satellite.

If two mesh system connected separately with two different modems, let us know that are you trying to setup the app with same email address or different email address.

Also let us know the SBC app version which is installed on your phone.