Can't change wifi name after logging in SBG6700AC

  • 16 September 2023
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My modem was reset to factory default settings after losing connection. It’s now back up and running, but I can’t change my wifi name/password. Of course, Safari was the only browser that let me access the router, and I was able to log in, but I keep getting this screen when I log in. The only links that work are for the Arris website (which redirects to CommScope). I have a SBG6700AC which otherwise works fine. Is there another way to access the wireless gateway?


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I’m not an expert on Safari but I think you are running into a “standard” browser security issue. When your device tries to connect to it is connecting to a device that doesn’t have a current security certificate. This is basically a “go back” warning. You have to over-ride that in your browser. I believe you select that little icon that looks like a shield at the top, and then you can select to proceed.



In Chrome, it may look like this: 



Thanks. I’m not having issues logging in on Safari (my screenshot above is post-login). My issue is that after logging in, the area to manage the router seems to be gone/missing their link. It looks like Arris was bought out some time ago (my modem is from 2019), and I hope they didn’t just get rid of the area to manage the router settings. I’d hate to be forced to replace my otherwise functioning modem because of a website being inactive.


I tried your advice on Chrome, but it still won’t let me log in there.

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Sorry, I misunderstood where you were getting stuck.

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Have you tried with different browsers and different devices to log in to the web page

Make sure that there is no VPN enabled in the device on which you trying to log in to the web page.

If yes, try to log in again without a co-axial cable.

If the problem persists, try to reset the modem once and log in again to the GUI page. But if you perform a factory reset all the customized credentials will change to default.

Find the link to perform a factory reset given below :

After reset the modem, change the Wi-Fi Credentials by following the given link: