Connecting Arris VIP5342W to Home Theater

  • 20 February 2023
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Is this possible?

My tv lacks the necessary optical or digital outlets so I want to connect my 5342W set-top box to the home threater, but connecting the HDMI via a splitter doesn’t seem to work. Is there some way of setting the box’s audio output so it will work?

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7 replies

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Hello rebrunchile

We understand that you would like to connect set-top-box to the home theatre,

In regard to the audio output please contact  set-top-box manufacturer .

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No idea what set top box that is. 

And what home theater system do you have (so we know the inputs on it)


The home theater is a Sony HT-S20R and the set-top is an Arris box distributed by Telefónica:

The HT has optic, HDMI and analogue inputs, but as the set-top box only has HDMI out, that’s the only way to connect it to the HT, but it doesn’t produce any sound when I do, so I’m wondering if there’s some setting I’ve missed on the box. Damn TV doesn’t have any outputs at all, incredibly. No wonder it was so cheap for a 49 inch LG

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That soundbar only works though HDMI if it uses ARC (audio return circuit). 

Doubtful that that box does. Couldn’t find much info on it. 

Maybe the LG does. Do you have what model tv it is? 


Ah, I see. That doesn't sound good in that case.

The TV is an LG LF5410-SB, which must be one of the few modern TVs that appears to have no AV outlets whatsoever and certainly no ARC...

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I couldn’t find much (in english) but that looks to be a pretty low end tv without much inputs/outputs. 

You might be correct in that you don’t have many options for audio


Thanks. it’s all quite unfortunate. I really didn’t anticipate that a tv made in 2018 would have no outputs at all, not even a 3.5mm headphone jack, which would’ve been enough