S33v2 Upload Speed Slow / Comcast

  • 28 April 2024
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My ISP is Comcast and recently I have moved away from the OEM gateway they provided. I bought the DOCSIS S33v2 Surfboard to replace it, but I am not able to get anything near the advertised 1Gbps download and 200mpbs upload speeds. On the Comcast gateway I can get 900mpbs download and 200mpbs upload, with the Surfboard only 200mpbs download and 5mpbs upload. 


I am not sure if there is a misconfiguration on my end, or on the end of Comcast. I have already called Comcast and they said they would fix it, no difference hours later. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot the slow internet speed on the modem myself?

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1 reply

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Since S33 is just a cable modem so to check the speed of your modem you need to check on direct connection to the modem without router so are you checking speed on direct connection?

And just for the confirmation are you in Next gen speed plan with Xfinity?