Ethernet 570 MBps - Wifi 70 MBps - 5Gz - 500MBps Plan and Spectrum

  • 1 January 2024
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Hello All,

I just bought the SBG8300. I am getting 570 MBps on Ethernet direct to Modem, and 70 MBps to Wifi. 

  • Spectrum 500 Plan
  • iMac 2022 - 10 feet from router
  •  Connected to 5 GHz
  • No other devices connectred

I see this complain in this community, but there is only a single reply and no conclusion. Googled it too.


Thanks Everyone!





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SBG8300 is a gateway combination of modem and router so since the intermittent issue is happening on WIFI we would suggest you to try changing WIFI channel 
After changing WIFI channel as recommended on the link restart the modem then we would request you to monitor the connection for next 24hrs.