SBG8300 firewall blocks access to external NAS

  • 5 February 2024
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Hi All,

I have a network created by a Arris SBG8300 modem/router. I am trying to access a remote Synology NAS running Plex on a DIFFERENT network. The SBG8300 firewall is blocking access to the remote NAS. I know this because.

  1. When I disable the firewall, all devices on the SBG8300 network can access the remote NAS and Plex server.
  2. When I access the remote NAS and Plex server from any other network, I can connect. 

The problem is definitely the SBG8300 firewall. So how configure the firewall to allow traffic through to the remote NAS and remote Plex?




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3 replies

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did you try following plex’s guide for opening ports?



Thanks. Yes I did start working on that, but then stopped. It didn’t make sense. Aren’t those ports for the network where the Plex server resides? On that network router, those ports are open. 

It doesn’t make sense to have to open up those ports on every network you visit. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a remote server. And, I haven’t had any issues on other networks accessing the server.

Plus, it also doesn’t explain why I can’t access the NAS at all. 


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If you are unable to access the NAS, I suggest you change to change the Wi-Fi channels by following the link given below:

Also, I suggest you to change the security mode by logging in to GUI web portal.

Launch web browser>Login with credentials>Gateway>summary>connection>Wi-Fi>Networks>Edit for 2.4G and change the security mode as WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES).

If you unable to access NAS after changing the above settings, let us know the model number for NAS to assist you further.