Unable to host HTTP services through DMZ SBG8300

  • 30 October 2023
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I have recently picked up an SBG8300 to replace a damaged SB8200.

On that SB8200, I was able to host HTTPs services through the device and these services were available globally via my domain name pointed at my home IP.

On this new device, that is no longer the case. I can confirm that the services are initiated properly and are able to be used at ‘localhost’, but I cannot reach them via the public address.

Things I have tried:

  • Creating a fixed IP for the hosting device internally
  • Designated DMZ as the fixed IP of host device- no good, connections refused
  • Created a makeshift DMZ through port forwarding ports 1-65535 int/ext and TCP/UDP for the host device- no good, connections refused
  • Setting IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls to Custom - Firewall Disabled levels- no good, connections refused

When I try to reach the web page for the hosted service in question, I reach the “https:// Redirect” page for my service, which is clearly not going to work as the service is hosted on HTTP.

How can I allow my HTTP service through the DMZ without the Surfboard interrupting or trying to translate the call into HTTPS?

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Hi @piersonj,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Community forum.  I’d like to revert back to your DMZ setup by removing any port forwarding rules and setting the Firewall to Off (for testing purposes).  


Check for the hosting device with fixed IP is displayed on the online device list.


With the DMZ setup and the web service running, test port 80 on  This will let you know if the traffic is getting to your hosting device and the web service in the server is responding to the request from   


Once the port 80 is responding on the site, try accessing the web server from a device within the same network by using the web server’s IP address.  This ensures the web service is running and accessible locally.  Then try accessing the web server with the SBG8300 WAN IP address from a device outside of the SBG8300 network. If you can get to the web server, DMZ is working as expected.  


Final step is try accessing the web server with the domain name from a device outside of the network.  You can also ping the domain name to confirm it is pointing to the SBG8300 WAN IP address.