Does the SBV2402 have Wi-Fi?


Do I need a router with this product?

What should I choose if I wanted voice, Cable modem and router?

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The SBV2402 is only a cable modem and does not include wireless or firewall features.  You can either add a wireless router or use a cable modem and router combo unit instead.  I recommend the mAX Router to add Mesh system for your home network.

As per the the following website it’s cable modem. I like that as well. I like the full-fledged modem & router separate.



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Hello. Hope you are doing fine!

 The SBV2402 is just a cable modem and it does not have Wi Fi. You need to purchase a Wi Fi router separately. 

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So, if you have this modem I imagine that your internet service provider (ISP) is Comcast/Xfinity so if you want all in one (modem, router and voice) I highly suggest the SVG2482AC. This modem supports up to 856 Mbps.


Make sure to purchase a device that is compatible with your ISP.