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  • 27 November 2023
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I setup my modem using the app, and it worked fine.  The problem is I need to change the bridge mode on the modem, and when I logged in on my computer to the modem, it asks for my e-mail and password.  It says to use the e-mail and password that I use to login to the app.

The problem is that the app only asks for e-mail address.  For some reasons, there is no password field.  I even logged out on the app, and then re-logged back in without supplying any password.

The question is:  How do I retrieve my password (if any) that is needed to login to the app?


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In this case there is no option to reset password for the surfboard central app so you need to perform hard reset on the modem to setup app again and through the app you can access modem GUI for any advanced configurations. If you are using a gateway which is the combination or modem and router, after resetting the modem will go to default setup any custom settings will be removed so use the default network name and password to connect to your network. please follow the steps mentioned on the below article to perform hard reset and setup SBC app.