Parental controls set blocked time is not working

  • 20 December 2023
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Hello, we purchased at Best Buy (not through our ISP) the ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 31 Cable Modem DualBand WiFi Router for Xfinity and Cox. I want to block certain devices during sleeping hours.


Under Parental Control > Managed Devices > Edit Blocked Device, I tried to set blocked time starting at 10 pm (22:00) and ending at 8 am (08:00). It didn’t work - I got an error message that the start time must be after the end time.

This makes our router useless for parental controls. Are there any work around or will ARRIS consider updating its user interface so the set blocked time works?


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The rule cannot be made for multiple days.  The time setting for each rule is per day from 0:00 - 23:59 hours.  so we suggest you to create 1 rule for 22:00 - 23:59 and another rule for 0:00 - 8:00.