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  • 12 April 2024
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I just purchased a SVG2482AC (new from Best Buy) to replace an owned TG862G since I upgraded my Xfinity plan to 500 Mbps. I’ve scanned all of the community questions, but I don’t see the answer. 

I followed the setup instructions but in #6, to open a web browser and enter  I’m using Chrome on a MacBook Pro with MacOS Monterey 12.7.4.  The website said I had to use my mobile app to activate.  So I attempted to activate from my iPhone but it couldn’t activate and sent me to a customer service person who entered my CMAC # and activated my gateway. 

The Power, US/DS, and Online lights are solid white.  The 2.4 and 5 GHz lights are mostly solid but occasionally flicker.  He said his system recognizes the CMAC # and it corresponds to the model type - but wasn’t able to see a response. 

I have a Ethernet cable indicating Green Connected.  The WiFi is green connected.  I’m able to connect to the Arris Web Manager using the admin and passcode - was able to change the password and scroll through all of the Web Manager’s selections.  But when I try to open any websites, it says no internet. 

The Xfinity guy was stumped - he said maybe you have a bad modem or Arris can try to connect to your gateway.  I asked him to escalate to Tier II support, but I’m not sure if I’ll hear from anyone. 

Another question is firmware - other comments is Arris sends the ISP’s their firmware update and it’s up to Xfinity to push out - but sounds like they only do for the rented gateways.  Sounds like they’re not making it easy for gateway owners - they just want to serve their rental customers :o(

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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Even after activating modem if there is no internet you check check for the WAN IP on the modem interface to isolate the issue.