Arris T25

  • 19 September 2023
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Here's my humorous situation. I'm not at home right now & I didn't take screenshots of my T25. I'm trying to find out the WiFi name & password so I can activate my Xfinity TV Flex box, landline & internet. I don't want to waste your time & no clue what the serial number is & whatnot. Left brochure w/ Arris customer service phone number at home. The other thing is I keep being misinformed what the proper Arris model is by Xfinity, Best Buy & Arris. Basically, I'm not the greatest techie, I need to at least verify the T25 will enable me to use my Xfinity Flex Box for my TV, my Xfinity landline & internet connection. I've purchased (3) Arris modems so far yet I keep jumping back & forth between Xfinity & Arris on the correct model. I can find out the Arris model I recently purchased from Amazon but I'd like to return it if the T25 serves my needs. I realize it's not your fault that I got stuck w/ (3) Arris modems so far. Rather humorous trying to sell my G36 as I can't even get $20 for a unit in perfect condition but I didn't install it within Amazon's 30 day return policy. I'm hoping to at least verify the T25 is correct. Thanks. 

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