Why my ports on the SB8200 are not working?

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I just purchase my new modem and i was wondering where is written down the info about the name of my new network and the password

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Since the T25 is just a modem with no Wi-Fi, I would suggest looking into a mesh system if you’re in the market for a router. ARRIS has the mAX mesh routers that have been working great for me. I have a split 3 level home and do not have any dead spots because of my W121’s. My phone will even stay connected to my network until I hit the end of my block, and I’m in the middle of it. 

You will not be able to find the information you are looking for because the T25 is only an Telephonic Cable modem, is not an device build in on WiFi *(Router) , So that is why you are now able to find this information on the device or the box.  To have an WiFi connection you may need to hook an a Router into the back of your T25.  The T25 is compatible with our mAX Mesh line.  You can get more information on our mAX product line at