Surboard 7580 shows i am in china and not north carolina


My surfboard router (7580) shows i am in HK/China and not North Carolina.  This started a couple of months ago.  I have unplugged and rebooted, but cannot solve this issue.  

It is mostly evident when using a chrome browser.  However, if i go to any other location my devices do show North Carolina.  

Is there a simple fix for this?


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Location showing on the dveice depends on the IP address provided by the service provider to the modem so it you see a different location on your device when connecting to modem wifi network please do contact your service provider to check for the IP address and change it according to your location.


My ISP could not update my ip address, but they did correct my location in their system.  They asked me to unplug my router for 8 hours; which I did overnight.  This did not work.  My location is still showing in China.  I called the ISP third level support and they have shown me my ip address via the “google- what is my IP address.  This issue appears to be a surfboard 7580 problem.  My router is out of warranty.  I will call the Arris service number tomorrow and likely be told i need a new router.  If this is the case, it will not be an Arris product.