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  • 16 March 2023
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I’ve got an Arris DG3450 modem/router combo.  Under Parental Control Reports it shows “blocked unallowed devices” and 2265 attempts.  What are these blocked devices?  Are these devices trying to connect to wifi?  Are these devices on my site that are blocked from accessing certain sites?



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Hello jonb1515

                           The DG3450 is an ARRIS product manufactured specifically for service provider usage. It is not available for retail purchase from ARRIS or any ARRIS authorized retailer. As such, these units do not include ARRIS Technical or Warranty Support. Your internet service provider would need to assist you with any information or configurations for your device (if such a service is available with your ISP). This is because their firmware programming may alter the available functions and features of the unit. We do not have any of this information on hand to provide to you. We are sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.

                            But to just give you some basic information on this, the picture which you have shared in shows that its a report for the device which has been blocked by the you on the modem settings under parental control is trying to access internet rom the modem and the number of times that the device tried to connect to the network was displayed on the screen.