How to set up W31 with S33 by Frontier fiber internet service

  • 17 October 2023
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I am using Frontier fiber for internet service.  I have (2) Surfboard Max W31for a mesh setup.  I prefer more control over my network and would like to see logs and some more advanced setup “Gaming”, Streaming etc from a modem/router. I purchased the S33 but does not have any features after hooking it up.  What suggestions do you have for a modem that will give me more configuration capabilities?


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2 replies

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I’m struggling to offer a helpful suggestion. It sounds like what you really want is a stand alone modem and a gaming oriented router that supports mesh and certain specific features. Not exactly my strong suit. Will you be on Wi-Fi or wired when gaming? What kind of speeds are you looking for. Will 2 devices cover your whole residence. Are you just looking at prioritizing traffic for certain devices, or other features as well. What kind of logs details are you looking for?


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There really isn’t any configuration data from modems. They don’t prioritize anything. 

That’d all be router related for QOS services. 

And above a certain speed tier, there isn’t a whole lot of benefit even with gaming routers. 

Your best benefit is to hardwiring whatever you’re gaming on.