Is there an upgradable cable modem out there?

  • 17 February 2023
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According to a SB6190 related post, the firmware on a SB6190  DOCSIS 3.0 cannot be updated or upgraded to  DOCSIS 3.1. Therefore, before I (waste) spend any more $$$, I’d like to know if the firmware for any currently available SB  DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems are capable of being updated by the user, NOT the ISP? I already have strongly negative feelings for the ISP I am subjected to, and would like to remove as much control  they have over my hardware, at least until a competing ISP is available in my area.




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3 replies

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You can’t on the modem side. Its why you’ll find us recommending modems separate from routers versus buying a combo device. 



The inability to update a device I purchased is annoying, Surely, a modem manufacturer exists that empowers the owner/user and not the ISP.

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It is annoying. I fully agree and think its a bunch of bs. But its part of the docsis spec. Problem is the provisioning includes the firmware/speed tiers. If you can mod that, suddenly you can have full speeds while paying for less. so its locked down by the ISP as part of the spec.