suggestion to buy a modem with 2ports and VOIP support

  • 9 April 2024
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We are trying to replace the services we rent through our cable company. We have a multi-level home with lots of devices and the Eero mesh system has worked well for us. We need to purchase a modem with two ports, latest technology and fast speeds - we pay for download speeds of 1 Gig Internet and 6000 GB of data. We need a two port modem that will give us the fastest speeds through the modem. We also use VOIP. 

Which Arris modem do you recommend that is compatible with the Eero mesh system and meets these requirements?  Thank you for your wisdom and advice  




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3 replies

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According to the required we can suggest you a product from Arris if you could help us with the name of your internet service provider to check the compatibility and the speed supported by then for the respective model.


Thank you. Mediacom is our provider and our only option. We have an Arris high speed modem provided by Mediacom.  We pay for download speeds of 1 Gig Internet and 6000 GB of data. Thank you. 

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Mediacom is compatible with all ARRIS gateways devices with 2 ethernet ports.

VOIP service is compatible only with one model which is SVG2482-AC but its not compatible with Mediacom service provider.