sb6183 not connecting properly

  • 23 March 2023
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The internet thru my sb6183 would not come back on after being knocked out by a snowstorm. I’m trying to trouble shoot. After a factory start the status for upstream power is below spec. 35.7 dBmV-39.7 dBmV versus the +51 dBmV to 45 dBmV that it’s supposed to be. Is that enough to make it not function?

2 replies

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do you have a full screensnip of the cable connections page and event logs? those help more because then we can compare upstream to downstream. 

yes its a bit low but if the downstream is extremely high, it usually means you’re right next to the hub and then can give advice on what might help. 


Thanks for your note. You are correct. I was right next to the modem at that time. After taking the readings I was able to get online with an older laptop that as etherneted directly to the modem. That assured me that the slightly out of spec signals weren’t the problem and neither were the Ethernet cables. By process of elimination it seems like the issue may be in the wireless router or its extenders. I reconnected an older apple AirPort Extreme  wireless router to the modem and was able to get the network up and running. I’ll have to separately troubleshoot the Orbi router but that will be in a different discussion thread.