SB6190 is correctly set up for activation. Spectrum sent activation signal, didn't work. Help desk said they show old (dead) modem connected, not the new one. SB 6190 is "not registered" with my account. Their website says if you have own equipmwnt

  • 4 March 2024
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Spectrum website says if you have own equipment, contact manufacturer for assistance. 


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SB6190 is just a cable modem so please connect any device on direct connection and try the below link for activation.

Launch a browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Enter and press the Enter key to access the self-activation portal.


It turns out this model is not on Spectrum’s approved list. Their help desk also said it wasn’t “registered to my account” or “in inventory”. So the activation link didn’t work after two attempts. I ended up getting a cable modem from Spectrum via technician visit. Not my first choice but he also did some fine-tuning on the coax line, so OK.

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Could you let us know whether you have internet connection with SB6190 after adjusting the co-axial cable with internet service provider.

If you experience with same issue, I suggest you visit for further assistance.


No, Spectrum told me it wasn’t compatible (seemingly proven true by two failed activation signals). Their technician installed an ET2251 instead. I guess I’ll have to return the SB6190 unless I can find some other use for it.