aris surfboard sbg10


My aris surfboard sbg10 suddenly stopped working, it’s hot to the touch and won’t reboot


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Is it new? 
Did you contact support? 

That’s the key as this is the community forum where member of the public help out. 

You’d need support to replace/rma it 


It’s not new, about 2-3 years old, will reach out to support. Thanks

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if its 2-3 years old, doubtful to be in warranty. 


Guess i’ll just buy a new one, save the hassel.

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I saw a YT video in the past and the modem gets hot when the upstream power level is high.  I would try removing splitters, disconnect the coax cable and reconnect (tighten by hand), and try moving it to another coax line in your home if possible.  Also try factory resetting by pressing the reset pin hole at the back of the SBG10.


When you purchase another modem/router combo device, look Wi-Fi AC2 or Wi-Fi AX.


I tried the reset but nothing, also just my computer is on it nothing else. I will try moving it first and try your ideas, thanks