Just got my SBG6950AC2 activated (through Cox)! But...

  • 18 April 2023
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It does not seem to like me so far. I just got everything set up–I followed the instructions to a ‘T’. I downloaded the app, went through the steps, got connected to the network, but I am still receiving error messages like “The Wi-Fi network does not appear to be connected to the Internet” and “No Internet Connection.” On the Surfboard app, I received a “Cannot connect your Home Network. Configuration failed for your router” error message. The kind lady over at Cox helped me troubleshoot as much as she could, but ultimately directed me over to Arris. What do I do? Is this something I can fix or am I just better off calling customer support?



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Toggle off and on your wifi, make sure you are connecting to your wifi network (if you already set up on). If you are still having issues, try to reboot your SBG by disconnecting the coax and pressing the reset button for 20 seconds, then reconnect the coax and try again