8300 VPN not functional due to older firmware

  • 19 January 2024
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Arris SBG8300 as provided does not allow VPN pass-thru. 


There is article (link below) that provides direction how to do so.  But this requires newer firmware version or later to enable via ALG sub-menu.


My box has earlier firmware 1.01.137.NCS which does not have the ALG menu.  Thus I cannot enable VPN.

Arrris support says contact my ISP (Spectrum) to push new firmware.

BUT: Spectrum doesn’t have the new firmware; they say that Arris has not provided any updates since the 1.01 version.

SO: caught in nowhere land, cannot use VPN.  The link below is helpful ONLY if you have firmware 1.02.078 or later; if you do not, then apparently SOL??

Anyone else having this issue?  Any work-around??


Link below that helps if you have proper firmware:


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 The Cable Operators (MSOs) have complete control of what cable modem/gateway hardware they will allow installed and the firmware it uses, this is because they own the coaxial cable that is connected to the ARRIS (SBG8300), because of that the Firmware updates are pushed by them, and any update needed as well. Any associated firmware updates are automatically deployed by the cable operator. This is not an ARRIS only implementation, but the required implementation of any cable device manufacturer. This is even for the device owned by the customers since the ISP sending signal to the modem for internet.