arris sbg8300 internet dropping intermittently

  • 12 December 2023
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Hi all,

I have a SBG8300 for the past year now.

lately my internet will drop or not work at all & comes I we time. I’ve had about 6 technicians at my residence come here for the last 5 weeks & they can’t seem to find the problem. I have optimum internet.

has any one else had issues like me and/or have you had any experience with this modem & maybe suggest an alternative cable modem 

I only have the internet plan through optimum 


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5 replies


I have the same issue for the past week.

I am in Nassau county. They claimed there was some outage they were working on and sending someone to the house tomorrow.

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Since you are experiencing with intermittent internet connection, let us know whether the problem is with wired connection or wireless connection.

If the intermittent issue through hardwired connection, I suggest you to check the cable signals to make sure all the signals are in range.

To check the cable signals, find the steps in the below given link:

Also you can change the Wi-Fi channels, if the issue is with wireless connection. To change the same, find the link below:



ITS BOTH WIRED AND WIRELESS AT THE SAME TIME. the whole internet goes down, but the green signal on the router stays strong.


the power levels for the upstream seems to be off. what should be done?


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As I checked the cable signals levels, Under downstream channels, all the signals are on range.

But for the upstream channels, power level should be greater than 45Dbmv.

Since the cable signals are not in range, I suggest you to contact the internet service provider to adjust the signals within a range to fix this issue.