Arris SBG8300 stopped broadcasting 2.4 GHz band


I have a Arris SBG8300 DOCSIS3.1 Modem Router. I had separate bands for WiFi, one 2.4 GHz and other 5 GHz. Both used to show up on wifi settings for connection. For the past two days I don’t see 2.4 GHz band anymore. I seldom see the 2.4 GHz band but when I try to join that network, I get the message “Couldn’t join network”. I have smart devices which use 2.4 GHz band and since 2.4 GHz is no more available, all the smart devices are useless. I have tried restarting the modem. I have also done a factory reset but 2.4 GHz band does not show.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hello batman

                       On the SBG8300 interface check whether the 2.4 network is enabled or not and try disabling and enable the 2.4 network again on the modem settings then restart modem for a minute then check on the device for 2.4 network. check the light status on the modem, if still same issue persist perform hard reset on the modem then check for 2.4 network, to reset modem please follow the steps mentioned on the link below.  But after resetting the modem will go to default setup any custom settings will be removed so use the default network name and password to connect to your network.  




Did you ever get this to work? Having the same issue. And I've tried everything.

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We understand that you are unable to connect 2.4GHz as it keeps on disappearing only after rebooting the SBG8300 it will stay connected again . 

Lets try with possible options now :

  • In general if there is a firmware update  done recently  there are possibilities  for the 2.4GHz to get disappearing  hence check with your ISP if any firmware been update by them recently .
  • Lets try changing the Wi-Fi channels please follow the link below:
  • if still the 2.4GHz is disappearing.
  • Then select the Automatic Option on the above provided link and then select DCS Scan Interval and save the time Interval for 8 hours.