intermittent internet connection drops

  • 30 October 2023
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I just bought this sbg8300 and replaced my cox panoramic modem. I bumped my speed to 500 mps. I canceled all my cable boxes and now do all streaming. I use 7 firesticks for streaming.  Normally no more than two at one time. Every 3-4 days the screen freezes up and the internet connection drops. Unplugging the modem for 60 seconds and restarting again connects everything again. I had no such problem with the cox panoramic modem. But cox was charging me 14 bucks a month to rent it. I don't do gaming at all. When I reset the modem I check to see if its hot but it doesn't feel like it. I do have TPlink deco attached to one port to extend the signal throughout my house. But that doesn't seem related.  I really want get this fixed so I don't have to keep resetting the modem to cox. 



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are the fire sticks connected to the Deco or the SBG8300? 

If you’re running both the SBG8300 and deco, do you have the SBG8300 in bridge mode? 

Or the Deco in access point mode? 
Otherwise you’re in a double nat


Some firesticks are connected to deco and some are connected to the modem. Currently I don't have them bridged . Are you suggesting that there is an access point rather than standalone nat? I was trying to keep them separate to make sure I was getting the strongest signal. But I will change the deco to access point mode and if that stops the drop outs. 

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To access the internet without dropping frequently, the sbg8300 can be connected to Tplink deco by bridge mode this might restrict the internet dropping issue 

Please follow the below link for the bridge mode option :


Ok I found a solution that sort includes your answer. I returned the TPLINK s and got Amazon eero 6+. I completely turned off the radio and the wifi router on the sbg8300. I only use the Eero mesh network for wifi. This eliminated the channel interference and the intermittent internet dropping. Thus far I haven't had to reset in over two weeks straight. 3 eero devices are covering a 2700 Sq ft home with no dropped connection.  My only complaint (not much of one)  is that I am only achieving 50 percent of the 500 mps on farthest devices.  But that speed is more than adequate to power the firesticks with no buffering.  So essentially problem is solved without paying 2000 for the high end mess routers.