SBG8300 Internet cuts out randomly for seconds or minutes

  • 29 February 2024
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I currently have the SBG8300 and I have Optimum ISP. I have had optimum for years now, but I recently moved across the state. I didnt have any problems before I moved, the internet went out maybe 5 times in 2 years, but ever since I moved it happens multiple times a day. 


It happens randomly, and It is only out for a couple seconds or minutes max. It is wifi and ethernet. I have 450mbps down and 40 up, and I have 2 pcs on the internet gaming. Both pcs disconnect at the same time and come up at the same time so I know its not PC related. 

Things I have tried: 
 - new ethernet cable

 - resetting internet (button on back of router)

 - factory resetting internet (both holding button on router and through network webpage)

 - unplugging router from wall and waiting


I am putting in a ticket with Optimum tomorrow to see if they know what is going on. I have searched the web for countless hours and have found no fix. Everytime I think its fixed it toys with me and works for a few hours or all day with no issues then comes back. My internet has cut out 4 times in the last hour and Im fed up.


Here is my channel bondings if you need it. Please help me



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The upstream signal level looks in range but we are not sure of the downstream level since some of the values are missing on the screenshot above so could you please help us with the following details.


Can you please confirm how many locked downstream channels you have?

What are the lowest and highest SNR values that you have?

What are the lowest and highest power values that you have?

Taking ISP ( service provider) Tech appointment is good, because they will check the lines outside and inside your home and also you can ask them to check the lines using their own test modem to confirm everything is fine on their end and if the test modem works good for 24hrs please do monitor the connection for 24hrs and you can reach out to Arris technical support for further assistance if your modem is under warranty.

Please contact :  for further help.