SBG8300 MAC Filtering Not Working

  • 5 April 2024
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I setup WiFi MAC filtering on my SBG8300 when I got it a year ago. I manually added my device MAC’s and set to Allow. From what I understand, it should only allow those listed devices to connect to my WiFi with WiFi password and no other devices should be able to connect even with correct password. I discovered that devices not on the allow list are able to connect with the password. I tried setting the list to Deny, save settings, my device MAC’s in the now Deny list could still connect to Wifi. I have had the guest networks disabled since I got it. So the MAC filtering feature seems to be not working at all no matter how its set. Is there another setting somewhere that could be conflicting? I would rather not do factory reset, takes long time to setup this router and can’t save config. 

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1 reply

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Could you please help me with few information on this case.

What are the devices you are trying to add MAC filtering?

Are you saying that the device you have mentioned on deny list under MAC filtering are connected to modem Wi-Fi network?