slow speed internet connection in SBV3202

  • 25 October 2023
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I bought a Arris SBV3202 cable modem in 2019 and have been using it on Comcast.  It was on their approved list of modems.   I am paying for Superfast 800Mbps internet service, and I was achieving 600-700Mbps regularly over the last several years.

Over the last few months (since I have noticed), the speed has been consistently 200-300Mbps. Comcast checked it out today, and told me my modem is defective and needs to be replaced.  My modem is no longer under warrantee. 

Is my modem defective, or has Comcast changed their requirements?  Do I need a more modern model, like one with DODISS 3.1, or something?  Do I need a firmware update?  Any ideas?

It is hard to get a straight answer out of Comcast customer service.

If it is defective, the only Arris Voice model that is now recommended by Comcast is the T25.  It’s max speed is 925Mbps, which isn’t much of an improvement from the SBV3202, other than it is a DODISS 3.1.  Is the T25 a good replacement voice modem?

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5 replies

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Xfinity has quite a list of devices you can check. If you’re looking to buy for the future to have mid-split (higher upload) capability, here’s their list.


I’d go for multigig but that’s just me. Keep in mind, they’ll add more devices to the mid-split list, this is just the initial. 


It has to be a Voice Modem.  Only two choices at this time. 

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If you go with Arris brand.

Or are you talking about the mid-split devices?


The only two voice modems approved by Comcast are the T25 and the Netgear CM2050V.  The Netgear retails at $300.  

My question is why has my speed dropped from 700Mbps to 250Mbps.  Is my SBV3202 really malfunctioning, or has Comcast “improved” my service, and my DODCISS 3.0 SBV3202 modem no longer compatible with the Comcast architecture?

Do I need a firmware upgrade? Not that I know if I can update it, and how. 

Comcast told me it is not their cable, the cabling to my modem, nor my router at fault. I wonder if they really can tell my modem is malfunctioning, and it isn’t just a bad cable.

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Try disconnecting whatever router you have connected to the modem, (reboot the modem after) and connect a pc directly to the modem. Then test its speeds directly wired in. This prevents things on the router like qos, traffic monitoring, parental controls, access controls, etc from slowing speeds