app didnt finish setup

  • 18 September 2022
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The app sort of worked up to the security check request to write the scrabbled word. Scrabbled word wasn’t visible. Refreshed, reconnect, try 10 times… same results 

new G36, freshly downloaded app, nothing… I have a new iPhone, up to date version

the app seems buggy and I can’t use it.

if I click the question mark on that Security check page it says

AccessDeniedAccess DeniedJBZ8EN1RPYS9WVZHbVp7WPQdUvvWZ8u0hWev7PhhBau

I have not changed anything on the modem, just got it last night.

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1 reply


Never mind… if they can’t make a freakn app that most high school kids could do, then I don’t trust them. I returned the modem and will try another company’s product. Never buy ARRIS agin