Solved unable to access GUI web portal - SVG2482-AC

  • 30 January 2024
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i was called by xfinity team and they said that i have issues with my firewall and since i not using xfinity modem thats why i cant access their admin tool using in this matter i need to contact my Original Equipment manufacturer for this issue and gave your 


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7 replies

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This was a bit of a mishmash. 

what are you trying to do?
Why are you trying to do this? 

what device do you have? 

A bit more details can help us to help you versus random rambling. 

I need to reset the wifi name and the password on my router/modem.  I think the internet was hacked. Xfinity told me the same thing. I bought the router./modem and they can't reset it and I can't use the app to reset the modem and make a new password for it. 

I tried a hard reset  of the modem but the name and the password were still the default ones. 

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If you truly feel it was hacked, factory reset it by pushing and holding on the reset button for 7-15 seconds while its powered on. Then reinstall it and setup different passwords for it

I true to reset but then it didn't ask for new passwords

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After resetting the modem, I suggest you to follow the steps in the below given link: 


Hey to beginning of that was really helpful. I still needed help with restoring the new name up the Wi-Fi and a new internet password. But I do appreciate all the help thank you

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After first time installation process, I suggest you to login the GUI web portal with

Login with the default username as admin and password as password.

Once you logged in, select Gateway>Summary>Connection>Wi-Fi>edit 2.4Ghz to change the Wi-Fi credentials and same for the 5Ghz.