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  • 25 January 2023
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I just connected an Arris surfboard SVG248AC to replace my Xfinity ,Comcast rental, modem/wifi.

Now when I go on line,,  The websites  thinks that I am in a different state( West Virginia, not Pennsylvania  ) I been in touch with Xfinity 3 times and they can’t find anything wrong on their end and is suggesting it’s a problem with Arris modems, my friend is also having the same problem with his Arris modem and Xfinity Has anyone ever had this problem?


2 replies

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Hello jim15024,

We understand that SVG2482AC shows different state when you try to browse websites. Could you please let me know from where did you purchase the device and moreover is your device connected to VPN? 

Kindly let us know to assist you further. 


It was purchased from Amazon, the same thing is  also happening on a friends surfboard .. We are not using any VPN.

I think it’s a problem with my service provider. But they can’t find anything wrong