Why are blocked devices still displayed as "connected devices" on SVG2482ac

  • 7 July 2024
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I have an arris surfboard SVG2482AC.  We have new foster children and want to remove unknown devices from our wifi.  

Our router says there are 15 connected devices.  I have clicked the x button and added them to the “blocked” list, but they still show as “connected”.  I tried this with an ipad of ours, and it is still fully functional even when added to the “blocked” list.  

How can I removed devices from being able to access our router?  

Thanks to anyone who can help a new foster dad out!  



1 reply

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Blocking the device is not a  option to remove devices showing under connected device list but once the device is blocked you won't be  able to access internet on that device by connecting to modem wifi network.  In this case to isolate the issue could you please confirm on using which functionality you blocked the devices on the modem web GUI or the web interface?