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  • 21 April 2023
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I added a W6U to my network.  Have had conflicting advice from Arris. One tech took 2 hours and had me reinstall SB Central about 15 times on my phone.  A second tech told me that the device was plug and play and if I had a blue LED, it was all good. 

Drove up 100 miles to play with the network with an m2 MacBook Pro purchased a couple months ago. That is the only device I have with a WiFi 6E chip set.  It does not see any WiFi 6 network advertised, it only sees those from the G36.


I used a network scanner app and I have access to the web interface of the w6U.  Arris tech support call center was unable to tell me what to do using the web interface. Really annoyed at the lack of knowledge at the call center. 


Has anyone successfully added this device to your network, and if so, what am I missing?


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Hello billdavies,


We understand that you would like to connect to W6U to your G36.

Please connect the G36 through Wi-Fi and W6U through hardwire so we can use 1 wireless and 1 wired device for this trouble shooting

Lets follow the below mentioned steps to connect WPS button on the G36 and W6U.


Do let us know if the above mentioned steps had helped us to connect .


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The G36 and W6U are hardwired currently with a Cat7 cable. They are 3” apart.  Used the 2.4 port on the G36.  They are both on my LAN and have IP address.  I can get to the web interface for each.


Had previously tried the WPS thing because it seemed logical.  The w6U has the Sync button and the G36 has no button, but I used your article library and determined, and used, the “soft” button for WPS in its web interface.  I set both devices for WPS and watched about 2-3 min of spinning cursor but they never connected.


I will take a look at those links you added. Thanks.