G34 - Intermittent internet connection

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I bought the G34 about 1½ months ago but was not installed until moving to my new house

on March 1st. Since then WiFi drops consistently and when dropped I can not even

access the modem using a computer attached by Ethernet.


I need to exchange this for something that works.


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In this case we would suggest you to check the cable signal level to isolate the issue because 

There are some important things that should be within a specific range in order for the internet to work properly.

First, the SNR should be above 33 on all of them. The downstream power should always be between -15 and +15. The closer to 0 the better connection. Finally, your upstream power should always be between +45 and +51

On all of those values you should not have more than 3 decibels (or dB) between the lowest and the highest

By having the values in less than that, your device will have interrupted connection, slow or no connection at all.

You can also reach out to for further assistance if your modem is under warranty.

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While the indication I sent was intermittent internet, that was because there was nothing

to indicated drops WiFi. This modem consistently drops WiFi connections, devices attached

via Ethernet still have access to the Internet.

That being said when the WiFi drops the modem/router is not accessible even for computers

Ethernet attached. I believe this modem is defective


FYI Spectrum checked my SNR levels and indicated they were fine and within spec.


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Since you are experiencing with Wi-Fi intermittent internet connection, I suggest you to change the Wi-Fi channels and monitor it for next 24hours of time.

If the problem persists after changing the Wi-Fi channels, Please visit for further assistance.


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I have changed channels, I have a WiFi spectrum software on one of my android

tablets and found an unused channel with no overlapping users. This change did not resolve

my issues. I see on the forum that there are a lot of complaints regarding this same issue

and have followed all of the suggested changes with no results.

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Have you tried to re-provisioning the modem with internet service provider?

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Yes I have even though that would have nothing to do with losing WiFi, all Ehternet

devices maintain internet connection, al least until I reboot the modem to get WiFi back

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Since you have tried with all the possible troubleshooting steps, I suggest you to visit for further assistance.



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That link just leads me back to you

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Once you entered into the link , scroll down you have an option call us or chat us. Check either one option to proceed further.


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There is no best answer, this G34 modem is absolute junk when it comes to WiFi,

You are lucky if it works for a day. The only way I found to resolve the issue is to turn off the WiFi and then install a WiFi router.


Never Again Arris