Comcast sent email saying issue with G36 modem

  • 17 June 2023
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 I have had issues with the G36 for a few weeks now and have had to reset the modem every two days because internet drops.  I just got this email from Comcast saying Arris is the problem. Comcast claims it will take Arris months to fix the issue… is that true? Here’s the email below I was sent from Comcast


” We’ve noticed intermittent connectivity issues with your internet service and have identified the cause to be a defect with your Arris Surfboard G36 internet modem + router. Arris is working on a software update that should fix the problem. Because the update may not be available for several months, we have taken steps in the interim to improve your connection and provide you with the best possible experience. These proactive measures should resolve your intermittent connectivity issues and provide you with fast speeds, but your modem may not achieve the full speeds included in your Xfinity Internet package until the Arris software update is deployed.

No action is required at this time. However, if you want to ensure you’re getting the full speeds included in your internet package, you have a few options”


Will it really take MONTHS to fix??? When will Arris release a statement about this? 


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12 replies

Same issues with G34 and same email from xfinity,  but they offer me free gateway for a 1 year. Already installed and flying like a starship. See over time how it works and waiting for arris updates on software. 


Does the free 12 month gateway require extended lease after the 12 months?

I do not know they did not mentionany thing about extended lease, but I will return mine  when they fix problem with arris g34 software . Maybe I will ask them if I can buy it. 


I also got that email from comcast. When I called about the 12 month lease of their gateway (from the email) , they refused  to give it to me or didn’t seem to know anything about it. 😒

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Hello everyone,


Our statement was released on the Community forum last Friday.  I'm happy to see that Xfinity offered a loaner modem at no charge on this thread.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are working through it with Xfinity to resolve this matter.



Any updates on this? I am using the G36 to work from home and my wifi calls drop constantly.

Hi All,

After a few months of trying to get the Arris G36/34 to work, I found there is a new list of 'Recommended' devices for Xfinity internet plans that is different from the list of 'Compatible' devices. The G36/34 is not on the 'Recommended' List. I returned and got the Arris SBG8300, which is on the 'Recommended' list.

All issues disappeared with SBG8300, and internet works better than ever.

Xfinity suckered me big time. I ended going with their modem for $15 per month. When they added it to my account it apparently canceled my “legacy” agreement which would have gone through April 2024. So my monthly cost went up $36 per month not including the new $15 router fee. Not only did they raise my fee by $36 per month but they also took away HBO and Showtime. I have been fighting this for 2 days with 7 people. It’s just outrageous that they can get away with this.

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Hello jpezz

                   If the internet keeps dropping only on WIFI, just check is this happening on both the network 2.4 and 5G as well or on one particular network. If you have done with basic trouble shooting like restart and reset on the modem already you can try changing WIFI channels.  If other Wi-Fi sources such as neighboring wireless access points are using the same wireless channel, this may cause intermittent connectivity issues, even if the competing signal is relatively weak. Changing the wireless channel within the  gateway can improve connectivity. After changing WIFI channel as recommended on the link restart the modem then we would request you to monitor the connection for next 24hrs. You can also check for the steps to change the WIFI channel on the interface using the below link.


II still have this issue. Is there anything I can do to improve stability?

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II still have this issue. Is there anything I can do to improve stability?

Could you let us know the model number to assist you further.


It’s G36 purchased in Feb 2023