Arris S33 with 2 AX6600 W121 on COX

  • 23 March 2023
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Satellite W121 wont complete registration. Surfboard central app (android) sits and spins and locks up while registering the W121. The satellite goes blue so I force close the app, restart, and the satellite is recognized for a second and then disappears but is still blue.  This system was a pain to set up, just the bit I got to work took about 5 resets and power cycles and then to find out that only 1 port is usable on the modem….    Only thing I can think to do is to factory reset everything, uninstall the app, swap the W121 spots and start over, but I’m not sure it’ll come back up and my entire house is a smart house and this is like an entire day event.  Any suggestions?

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1 reply

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You’re correct in that you can only use 1 of the ports on the s33 with cox. Sucks to find out but coax only gives out 1 public ip address unless you pay for  more so only 1 device can be connected. 


Did you try hardwiring the other W121 satellite into the router to sync it? Might just need to be hardwired in for initial setup and updates. I’ve seen issues where when things are not on the same firmware to cause issues. Sometimes hardwired in can fix that. 

So plug the satellite into the other W131’s lan port.