Virgin V3 in Modem Mode

  • 29 November 2022
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I have a Virgin V3 Fibre modem Router, my set up is in Modem Mode and therefore acts as a modem only, during my set up I connected Via WAN Arris to #1 Out Lan on the V3 as it is the only port that has output - everything else is disabled. 

My connection during setup I chose the Fibre option but looking back it has its own WiFi and I am having a few issues keep going offline (think I should have chose the top one Cable Modem Only) and unable to secure a good Mobile speed check or internet speed check and the Lan connected appliances have no speeds attached, is this normal ?


I have a W121 Arris set up.

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3 replies

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Hello Rob Wallace

I have some questions, did it let you finish the set up? if the answer is yes, is WiFi working normally? 

I want to know this first to answer properly your question but giving you some hints in advance, the LAN connection should give you internet and of course, internet speed data. 


Yes the set up completed fully, the Wi-Fi is working normally albeit I do have x1 camera that has low RSSI not previously seen but that maybe just a reposition thing. I have at some point using Speed Test had a result using the App on Mobile and on Internet but never both together, an immediate Ookla test show that Incoming fibre is @ good speed and all my devices are working as normal, but it does show in the App as offline after trying to initiate an App based Speed Test.

Trying to speed test 
Show Lan connected items  no data in or out
Set is still online

Ookla speed test done asap after previous App Test

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Hello Rob Wallace


I have an update on this, it seems that the service for Speed Test in the app hasn’t been working as expected, we’re already aware of this and of course, working on it to have it fixed. We have no estimated time amount on when this is going to be fixed. 

Once I have an update I’ll post it here so you will know when to use back this service.