Extremely slow after connecting 2nd satellite

  • 12 September 2023
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Once I connected the 2nd satellite system my TV would tile, and when working the picture was fuzzy. My laptop was getting approximently 40mb.  I unplug the 2nd system everything works again but I am only getting around 140 down and 300+ up. I’m no good at netwroking what so ever so I am at a lost.

Can anyone help determin why it would be so damn slow?


Thanks in advance


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2 replies

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Hello beastman

                           You are facing slow speed issue only after connecting 2nd satellite to the main router so please try performing speed test by keeping the satellite placing next to the modem and also check on the WIFI connected devices for speed and if still facing slow speed you can try resetting the satellite and setup again then monitor connection.

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I found out that the minute that i direct connection to the 2nd surfboard is what is causing the issue.  Not sure why as of yet.  Removing the connections the network will pick right back up.